At Home in Leipzig-Schleussig

Schleussig is considered one of the greenest districts of Leipzig and also one particularly popular among families. The unique location, fringed by numerous waterways and dotted with historic buildings, invests the quarter with a unique ambience. Located in the south-west section of Leipzig, roughly two kilometres from the town centre, Schleussig has evolved into an extremely attractive residential area in recent years.

Living in a Popular Island-Like Location

While almost entirely surrounded by bodies of water, the neighbourhood also boasts plenty of greenery. In addition to Clara-Zetkin-Park, the largest park in Leipzig, the district is home to many other green oases, including the Kleinzschocher public park and outdoor swimming pool and the alluvial forest along the rivers Elster and Pleisse.

Crossing and recrossing the bridges across the Weisse Elster is a wonderful way to stroll through Schleussig and to feel like on holiday in your own home town. The neighbourhood is well connected via bus and tram lines that will take you to and from the inner city in 10 to 15 minutes. Of course, you may also travel to and from Schleussig by boat, with docks and boat rentals readily available in the area.

Belle Époque Flair Surrounded by Parks and Water

Liveability and residential ambience are further enhanced by the houses themselves, most of them dating back to the Belle Époque and lavishly refurbished. In short, being home to Schleussig is an easy-going way of life, marked by short distances as far as local amenities and leisure options go. The local high street, Könneritzstrasse, runs the entire length of Schleussig. The oval-shaped neighbourhood between Könneritzstrasse and Holbeinstrasse offers a varied gastronomic landscape and one-off boutique stores.

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