Life and living in Zwenkau

Naturally connected – that’s the slogan the small city Zwenkau with 9 000 residents uses for its advertising. Zwenkau is only 15 kilometers away from Leipzig and is located in the protected landscape Elsteraue. As former mining industry area the city is nowadays surrounded by dense riverscape and meadow landscape and it’s also crossing borders with the Zwenkauer See, the largest lake in the so called Leipziger Neuseenland. The picturesque oaks and the Imnitzer Laachen, a nice lake in the west of Zwenkau, are inviting for long and relaxing walking tours.

Zwenkau has far more to offer than just nature and lakes. A dense commercial net consisting grocery stores, bakeries and butchers are supplying the city’s residents with their daily needs. Taking a closer look on medical facilities, Zwenkau has a variety of professional and therapeutical practices as well as a variety of nursing services. Families can profit from a wide range of day care centers up to secondary schools either directly in Zwenkau or in neighboring cities. Furthermore Zwenkau is heavily good connected to the local, regional and trans-regional transport system.

After the mining industry was pre-dominant in this region not only residents but also tourists get attracted from new trip possibilities. Starting with the city port KAP Zwenkau which consists an exhibition space with inner city architectural highlights from baroque to Bauhaus, to the environment with a lookout point, bike- and hike-tracks and the well-known amusement park BELANTIS is also right in front of your door.

Zwenkau is because of its countryside, which is directly connected to the urban life, its constantly evolving infrastructure and its variety of spare time activities a city with a high quality standard of life. The direct connection to numerous transport routes and the adjoining industry park position the city economically strong. Attractive yields are making condominiums an attractive investment with high potential of increase in value caused by its first class situation!