Condominiums south of Leipzig

It doesn’t always have to be a big city, but living directly in front of Leipzig has some great perks. You can profit from the advantages in the south located cities Böhlen, Zwenkau and Markkleeberg.

In those 3 cities the condominiums in housing estates are spread in quiet side alleys which are partly characterized by wide front yards and court grasslands. A quiet and green environment is typical for the sought-after living area. The apartment complexes have two to 4 entrances and are in general in a well-groomed and renovated state.

Inside the houses you will find 1 to 5 room apartments with sizes ranging from 26 to 105 square meters. Depending on the building style the complexes have got two to 5 storeys. The apartments are well-layouted and equipped with shower- or bathtubs and a gas-central heating supplies the heat. On site there are bicycle parking spaces.

Good infrastructure and appealing environment

All of the 3 locations have decent infrastructure. Daily needs can be fulfilled with short walks as groceries, medical facilities and educational institutions are broadly available. The houses in Böhlen, Zwenkau and Markkleeberg are centrally located, still quiet tough and in walkable distance of a direct train line to Leipzig.

The greater area of Leipzig increases in value due to its attractive situation in the Leipziger Neuseenland. You can undertake long trips with the bike, hike into the surrounding areas or choose one of the numerous water sport activities in the region. With all this advantages in mind, it’s favorable to think about buying a condominium in the greater area of Leipzig. We’ll be happy to consult you!

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