Project Capital investment

A while ago Leipzig was not on the radar of anyone but in recent years the city and its environment are described as the place to be in Eastern Germany and it’s even compared to be the New Berlin. Reasons are diverse: a rising number of inhabitants, decreasing unemployed rates, an international important research and knowledge-based center and rising numbers of start-ups.

This development is also impacting the housing market. The demand for living space is increasing and rents as well as purchase prices are on the rise. Current surveys about the demand of living space and the value of properties showed that Leipzig is booming regarding the number of sold condominiums and purchasing prices. Increases in value of condominium prices in the green outskirts of Leipzig are forecasted in the next years. The economic boost and the higher buying power are supporting this development.

It’s worth taking a look a little aside the metropolis to find an attractive capital investment in terms of a condominium and to use the currently favorable conditions on the market.

The condominiums in Böhlen, Zwenkau and Markkleeberg are located in apartment complexes that were constructed as housing estates. The well-groomed houses, partly equipped with court meadows and parking spaces, are situated in quiet side roads in central locations. In the course of time well established renters moved in and they ever since don’t want to miss the proximity to Leipzig combined with the quiet and green atmosphere.

A condominium close to Leipzig is a lasting value investment for your future and as capital investment it has a profitable view as the demand for living space constantly rises. You can expect stable rent-yields and continuous increases in value.

We’re happy to help and consult you at the process of purchasing a condominium. Don’t hesitate in contacting us, we’ll happily consult you!