Buying condo Leipzig – Living in your own four walls in idyllic environment

Those who prefer to escape the daily bustle of a metropolis like to take a look around at the suburbs. If one doesn’t want to miss good infrastructure combined with ideal transport links to the metropolis, one can find its center of life in Greater Leipzig.

The condos in Böhlen, Zwenkau, Markkleeberg and Köhra are located in apartment houses that were constructed as housing complexes. The well-groomed houses with partly backyard meadows, old trees and parking spaces, are located in quiet side alleys in central spots. Living here means enjoying the proximity to Leipzig while not missing the quiet and green atmosphere in a pleasant neighborhood. The charming cities – located south of Leipzig – offer singles as well as couples and families ideal conditions for home ownership. Several different condo types are available for self-use, ranging from nicely layouted 1 room condos to spacious 4 room condos including parking space.

Living between woods and lakes – an alternative to buying a condo in Leipzig

Leipzig is currently a city on the rise, gaining more and more popularity among young people and being whispered as the new hype town in East Germany. This leads to 

further demand for those cities around the metropolis. The economy grows, the unemployment drops. Result: This positive development affects the property market. The demand for living space as well as rents and purchasing prices are constantly rising. Current surveys about the demand for living space and the property value show, that Leipzig faces, regarding the number of sold condos and the purchasing price, a rapid upswing. An increase in value in condo prices, even in the outskirts of Leipzig is expected. Economic growth of the metropolis and the higher purchase power support this development.

Condo Greater Leipzig – an investment with good increase in value

A condo in Greater Leipzig is not only a value stable investment in your future. It’s also providing you with a safe and self-determined feeling of living in your own condo in the long run. Currently market prices for condos in the region are comparably low, so it’s worth for each age to think about the purchase of a condo.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
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