Buying condo Leipzig – Living in your own four walls in idyllic environment

Whether you prefer urban Leipzig or the scenic countryside surrounding it: The Leipzig metro region offers an attractive environment for any kind of lifestyle, offering plenty of scenic, cultural and economic appeal. Leipzig’s district of Schleussig is the perfect place for anyone who loves a metropolitan flair, short distances to everything and a home within a wonderful quarter surrounded by water.

If you feel more comfortable away from the urban bustle, the greater Leipzig region would be the perfect choice for you. The towns just beyond the Leipzig city limits are optimally connected to the metropolis via a well-developed transportation infrastructure.

The flats in Schleussig, Böhlen and Dösen—which are a district or suburbs of Leipzig, respectively—are located in well-appointed multi-unit dwellings, including Belle Époque buildings and terrace housing. All of the flats and houses are in good repair, lie on quiet side streets and yet in central locations, some of them grouped around a green courtyard with old growth trees and complete with parking spots. Living here means to enjoy the amenities of a big city while being embedded in a quiet neighbourhood and green setting that you may never wish to leave again. In Leipzig proper and its charming southern suburbs, singles, couples and families are bound to find just the kind of place they fancy as their new home. There are various dwelling types to choose from, ranging from conveniently laid-out studio flats to 4-bedroom flats, including parking spot, ready for occupancy by their new owners.

Living among Forests and Lakes – an Alternative to Homeownership in Leipzig

Leipzig keeps gaining in popularity and is considered by many the latest trend-setting city in East Germany. The city’s popularity has also moved its suburbs into focus. The consequences of growing economic strength and the drop in unemployment are quite predictable: 

The favourable development is also reflected by the housing market. The need for residential accommodation is subject to continuous growth while both rents and prices are rising steadily. Recent surveys on the demand for homeownership and property values show that Leipzig is going through a brisk boom cycle with respect both to the number of condominiums sold and to selling prices. It is reasonable to expect that the appreciation will also extend to condominium prices in the outskirts of Leipzig. The economic growth of the city and the rising purchasing power of the population support this trend.

Acquiring a Condominium in the Greater Leipzig Area – a Forward-Looking Investment

Having a condominium either in Leipzig proper or in its suburbs is not just an investment of lasting value and a bright outlook, but will also make you feel safe and autonomous, knowing you will have a home for the rest of your life. Moreover, current condominium prices are comparatively affordable in this region, making homeownership a proposition worth thinking about no matter what age you are.

Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
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